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This is my little corner on the internet. This page has two purposes, one to summarize all of my activity since i tend to loose track of what i'm doing,Second a place where i can reference friends and client when they need to know what i'm up to.

For those that don't know me my name is Alfredo Alvarez I'm a professional software developer and I have a few hobbies that i practice quite intensely. Not all the info in the site will be about programming.

Professionally I've been working on IT systems for Microsoft since 2008. I really like working with code and learning new technologies. I believe in doing things in the simplest way possible. I work on C++ , c# (.net stack) and Java. As a hobbyist developer i dabble quite frequently into XNA.

Silver league Starcraft 2 player, enjoy snowboarding, photography, silversmithing, hiking and paddleboarding in a recreational sense.

Again welcome to my humble corner feel free to let me know how can i be of use.