Big dissapointment Or new opportunity

Last week I went on vacation with my family and took a trip down the 101.This provided time to do some photography. I just started reviewing the shots when i found a very bad thing, i had forgotten to clean my lense at the begginning of the trip so all of my pictures of mt hood from a distance, where pretty much ruined by dirt on the lense which made me pretty sad. I ended up learning a few lessons from this one, before going shooting clean the lenses the night before.

Second a way to save pictures in which this type of mistake happens. I figured the dirt makes the picture look pretty old so that it’s what i should go for.

  • I Opened the image in
  • Did a crop that removed some of the ugliest dirt and made sense for the image.
  • Duplicated the layer and set the top one to overlay.
  • Created a top layer fill it with the color white and went to effects -> Noise Add Noise then made this layer the top and set the layer to darken and controlled the transparency to the point i wanted(this added grain to the image).
  • After that Went to the effects selected sepia.
  • Changed the contrast to be a bit stronger to the point that i start loosing a bit of detail.
  • Then adjusted the brightness till it made sense with the new effects that i had applied
  • I ended with an old looking image of mt hood that the dirt does not stand out so much it looks like it was intentionally placed there now. Below the final result of my experiment. Even though i’m still not happy that my pictures came out messed up i ended up with something that i think is not too bad. Could find a place to hang it.

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    1. una nueva oportunidad!! šŸ˜‰ , se ve como una foto bien vieja si, pero me da el look de una pintura tambien…

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