New Year And Interesting Changes

The new year came in and few things have changed in my life for once. I decided to resign at Microsoft to take care of some personal issues. At the moment i ‘m still dealing with the change of moving from the workforce into a more personally driven situation.

In part due to my new found time I have been taking a look around at the new technologies that are coming and I’m convinced that this year is going to be the the year that html 5 blows up our minds. Perusing the web I found this two web sites and they did just that.
He shows his 3d library and creates some interesting demos is worth looking at it.
This one on top recreated c&c in html 5 showing off the possible gaming capabilities of the environment.

Seeing this type of technology advancements have made me question two things
First – What the heck have I been doing in this last couple of years since it made me realize I’ve been not contributing much.

Second – As software developers we might actually be a bit out of focus with what is needed to advance society. We are spending our time creating software for advertisement, games and advancing it day to day but leaving behind  many fields like infrastructure creation, economics , resource distribution , medicine with only a few advancements.
  In a lot of cases when we have approach this field due to the constraint of money we have become part of the system. Like in medicine a lot of the Emr or bi systems are not for the betterment of the patient or to help the provider make less mistakes. But to enforce that correct billing is being done to the Insurance companies.

Which brings me to the point maybe for the next year computer engineer / scientist should spend at least some of their time helping another industry that is not their own Smile

Best of wishes on the new year.


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