Hackathon For Authism

The Bing fund in seattle organized and event called Hackathon for Authism. I participated this past weekend and just wanted to mention that it was awesome. While the food was kinda meh. Everything else rocked. 

The talks from experts and the testimonials from families afflicted were moving and gave us laser focus before starting.  The space on the surf incubator its pretty neat and made me feel extremelly comftable.  

This is my third hackathon in the seattle are and the feeling of cooperation here even between opposite teams was great. People were willing to stop by and give you feedback in the middle of the day.

We worked on a tool to help kids learn to type since its such an important skill in this day and age.

Our approach was to use open data sources to be able to provide the biggest range of content possible for images and for rewards video when the user completes an action. For more advanced levels we connected with Soddiio a mit project that lets people create stories(aba) so that kids can understand how to handle situations. We also gave the options to indicate if they were bored or if they got scared by the content and used twilio to notify the parents in these occasions. The architecture was a single html5 page doing the work with an azure backendimage

The project is open source so if you want to come help us drop by https://github.com/DevHuertas/typeit

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