Unboxing And First Impressions Wanhao duplicator i3

A few months ago I decided to jump on the bandwagon and get the duplicator I3. My old printr bot has been dead for more than 6 months and I wanted to get into the 3d printing game again (Note my printr bot was from the originals – so old).

I received my unit this past Thursday. It came in great condition and was packaged with care and handled well by FedEx.  Alright, so I opened it up let’s see what was on the box.


We have a base plate , a tower, and the power supply/computer unit. In terms of parts, it was a pretty easy setup. The memory card, which was included, had the instructions which was pretty straightforward. Essentially, screw 4 screws between the base and the tower and add the handle to the spool. After that, all I had to do was plug in the electric switches.

Following the instructions in the memory card, I first leveled the base which took about 10 minutes – I was ready to print. Start to ready in basically 40 minutes. The card already had a sample file called OK.gcode so I selected it without knowing what was in it.


So here we go. The first print took about 2:00 hours the noise level was quieter than my old printer but the base did squeak a bit whenever it moved but nothing unmanageable. It had no problems and completed the print. The model that had been prepackaged was the following.



The quality was excellent, honestly better than what I had gotten with my previous printer. The model came in a raft that auto detached the moment I peeled it off. So far so good; the entire experience had gone smoothly. The only thing that felt a bit off was that some of the English in the instructions needed a bit more proofreading.

I went to my box and installed Cura, it’s also in the memory card. I followed the instructions and decided to print the ultimaker robot model on the fast, normal, and high quality settings without making any changes. My results are shown below (They are all white – the grey color is from me not setting my camera flash correctly):






High Quality


This was the first part of the experience that needed some improvements. The problem was basically that the filament was not the standard size (I had to use a caliper) that Cura is set for. This was also true with the nozzle. Additionally, the temperature of 220 is a bit high for the material (PLA) included in the box. They should provide these instructions on the box to make the unboxing experience smoother. In the Cura for Wanhao instruction file, it mentions that there are profiles available but the provided link did not work.

Taking this into consideration I created my own profile and reprinted the model.
Custom profile

It looked pretty good. I was happy with the model.

At this point I also had an army of robots Smile


So far I had not printed a model of my own so I fired openscad and created a stl for a rook that I had designed. I used the same profile and did a print and it ended up like this:


It has some warping on both of the 2mm details but all the other edges are pretty high fidelity. I sent an email to Wanhao so I could get the settings they used for the hand model and hope to get the answer soon.

Last but not least, I set octoprint but was getting delays while printing and decided to go back to using the sd card print method. I think the delay occurred because my rasberry pi is super old and it’s probably a bit bugged. Going to get one of the new ones next month to try again.

So far I think this is a leap ahead in terms of being a beginner printer. The only problem that needs attention is a bit more details on a profile to get started with for Cura.

A picture of the printer working:


Link to the printer in amazon 

9 thoughts on “Unboxing And First Impressions Wanhao duplicator i3

  1. Hi, I’ve the same printer. Please can you provide your custom profile for a better print quality? Thank you

  2. Try this:
    Basic tab:
    • Layer height: 0.50mm or 0.1mm or 0.2mm (start with the larger one)
    • Print speed: 50mm/sec
    • Printing temp: 190 C
    • Bed temp: 45 C
    • Filament: Diameter: 1.75 mm
    • Flow: 100%
    Advanced tab:
    • Nozzle size: 0.4mm
    • Travel speed: 100mm/sec
    • Infill speed: 60mm/sec

    Also hit the checkmark for the fan to stay on.

  3. I do i will make another post probably monday with pictures.

    Mostly what i use 3d printing for is to make tealights and I only started printing them this week. So i should have a full set to show on sunday.

  4. Thanks for the info! i’ve been looking at this machine due to the great price, and thinking i might go forward with it 🙂

  5. Is pretty awesome make sure you join the facebook group and the google group there is ton of people willing to help in the,

  6. I am new to this so à stupid question wen i select printer you get different typs, wich should one chous..???

  7. How to choose a 3d printer really depends on your level of comfortness with tinkering i really like the i3 because it gives enough resolution and has a customizable design. But if you don’t want to put a bunch of upgrade i would look into a taz 5

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