Live in Puerto Rico and work Remotely (or a guide to Remote Work).

This is going to be a fairly long post but I want to be had detailed has I can in order for this to be helpful.

After a reddit conversation I promised to write down basically the info I know in particular about working remotely in Puerto Rico. Not this does not involve creating a new business but offering a service.

Good professions to do remotely from the island:

  1. Programming – It starts around 50k  and it can go up for has much has low 6 figures while doing 9-5 to remote work. Progressing here will depend on the problems that you can solve and if you are in a desirable area of work. This change with time. Right now if you are getting into this I would recommend the mean stack, python or unity.
  2. DevOps / Db Admin – about the same has programming with that said it tends to start about 10k lower.
  3. Copywriting – Freelancing copywriting can make from 20k – 50k. Getting up in this field requires a bit of luck since you need to be able to attach your name to some lines that became famous.
  4. Translations – If you are able to translate and are good in both languages there are always opportunities here. Full time translation makes about 30k using the normal websites(list is below).
  5. Grant Writing – All nonprofits need you at the lowest tier you work for a fee of grants that you get. At the top end you get a salary  assigned to you from the non profit. Is normal to get between 30k –50k.
  6. Stock Photography / Videography – 30k to 40k if done full time going above this will require you to specialize. The equipment needed is pretty decently cheap and if bought used it goes down even more.
    One important thing here is that this will take time when you start you won’t make that much but has you go building a portfolio it starts adding up. They tend to have a long tail. I recommend dreams time to start.
  7. Creating courses for online / Bookwriting – There are many places where you can sell classes right now If you have an unique skill and you can market yourself this is a good gig. It all depends on your ability to create and online following.
  8. 3d modeling – Freelance 3d modelers get hired pretty often and can get paid between 30-50k anything higher than that is similar to the copywriter needs some projects with fame.
  9. Photography Retouching / Video editing – Freelancing here makes about the same has 3d modeling. Is similar in the ways to increase your earning potentials.
  10. Import items and sell them using fulfillers – This will depend on what you do but running a subscription box or a niche website using shopify and selling a few items can leave a decent amount of money. This requires money to start and knowledge of marketing. The trick is to use a fulfillment house in the US so the product never goes into Puerto Rico. You are basically and orchestrator.

Has you can see this are all professions that can be done from home in a disconnected sort of fashion.

How to get the jobs

  1. Create proof of your work and a online presence. Go answer some questions in quora so people can tell that you know what you are doing.
  2. Hit the freelancer sites – they got most of the categories above. Make sure that you polish your responses to get money and get the premium subscription. I recommend trying at most 2 at a time so you can dedicate time. Pre-baking a portfolio helps.
  3. For stock video and photography
  4. Create call lists and hit the phone.  For example for programming make a list of startups incubators and co-working spaces. Make sure that they all know that your services are there and that you can find more people in the island if there is a need.
  5. Join the community of new business and startups in the island. Startups after hours in facebook is super active.  Visit Piloto 151 so they know your face even if you have to drive from the west coast.
  6. Make sure you are in the appropriate sites for search.(looking and posting your services offered).
    1. Craiglist – Post on the ones in the states.
    2. Reddit – hit r/forhire.
    3. – You want the local gigs if you can.
    4. –> Pretty self explanatory.
  7. Build events for the community related to your area when you can. If no one in aguadilla is talking about freelancers and what can they do nobody will think of you. Even if is just a coffee talk for microstock photography.

What is the end goal.

Build relationships you want to get gigs that lead to sustainable gigs things that you can keep doing. Retainers are amazing in this situation.

Last but important details.

Make sure you have money to cover your bills for 4 months has soon has possible. In the case of Puerto Rico make sure that you also have enough money in case you need to suddenly relocate back to the US or wherever you moved from.

Really important make sure that you have talked to a lawyer and accountant before you make decent money there are a lot of benefits you can take.

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