When you HAve a 3d printer Christmas is a pretty fun time.

I’ve been using my wanhao and my m3d in overtime for the last couples of months. I made a commitment to myself to basically attempt to 3d print the most gifts possible during christmas time.

It was cool because I could try and figure out what people liked and give them something in that category. For the most part all of the prints came out at acceptable levels. The one that I had the most problems was a vase for succulents and it was mostly because I forgot to check to mark for non solid top I left and when I came back it had printed filled.

Okay so without further ado the pictures from all the items.

Too many darth vader rings


Thor’s hammer.


Can you say Batman?


Dendritas succulent pot


Did I mention Genius Link Key Chains


This where particularly hard those hooks are hard to add.


Mr. Kylo Ren


One of my pendants for my wife I printed in gold from Shapeways.


I also printed Kylo Ren’s Lightsaber and a skull but I forgot to take picture so I have no copies of it.

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