Hello Everyone,

My name is Alfredo Alvarez, I’m a person but also a computer engineer. Just letting you know a few details about my life in case you are reading this blog :). I was born inPuerto Rico and moved to the city of Seattle Washington in order to work for Microsoft. I have a bunch of hobbies since i like to stay active all the time. Decided to make a blog and write about them.Right now i’m planning on picking up jewelcrafting and silversmithing so in a few months it should become a main subject in this blog. I’ve been taking pictures for years i started doing film now i went digital, i want to take portraits but i’m too shy to actually work with people and end up doing mostly travel and nature photography. I shoot with a sony aplha 100 that i managed to snatch when COMPUSA closed.

That’s  mostly all i want to say about me.

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