Blender day 20 (actually day 10 since I had gotten 0 done in the last 10 days)

Well seems life caught to me and I had to get away from blender a bit also had my parents visit for a week which was pretty awesome. I got back to it today and decided to go back an revisit the robot that I was working on last time and give it some legs.

Just so its written somewhere is you do control p to a shape while also selecting the camera you can set to follow. note you have to select the camera first the the path. Also in the object data tab the one that looks like a curve you can go to path animations and set the seconds it take to run through it.

Below a picture and a link to a video showing it. Also a screen Shot of the mesh.




Blender Day 6

Today I only have like an hour to use the Blender therefore instead of finishing the tutorial will I ever I have decided to Try and put what I have learned in the past few days together therefore I revisited my first project the robot and tried to conceptualize a new one.

Thought it would be cool to make him steampunk style therefore the colors are going to be somewhat rusty and so on.

I did not manage to finish it but fairly satisfied with what I got after an hour and can feel the progress on blender actually happening.

Alfredo Out. Also on monday I will take a break from doing a blender post and go back to do a normal post on the blog(Going to talk a bit about unit testing).





A Render that I did a few minutes ago since I wanted to see if I was capable at this point. First day ever like 3 months ago when I tried blender and gave up I tried to render Eva she looked  really bad so I tried again. It still meh but a lot better this one I dare show.


Blender day 5 more balloons

Got a lot of good pointers at Did that today instead of doing a tutorial since i was running low on time really loving the experience the community is helpful the program is nice even if it has a bit of a barrier to entry. Work has been a bit intense so tomorrow i will probably pick up and learn about rendering layers. Need to work on my software engineering final. Below a video and a pic to make everyone happy.

Also on a final note I learned how to circle the camera and that is why I made the video not to show the scene which was meant to be look at from the pic below. Happy weekend


Blender day 3 camera animation and some scenery

Added a table to my hookah scene and a Floor i ‘m still not convinced I like the floor. Tried placing some walls had some weird effects.

Learned that I can move the camera for the video so I had a blast doing that and making a little animation out of it. It looks like crap but makes me feel like progress is happening.

Tricks I learned for the day

  • The top menu lets you select the layout
  • Using the cross in the corner you can divide the interface
  • Ctrl alt lets you split for an extra window

I watched this video today was pretty good.

Tomorrow by looking at the tutorial site looks like I will be doing baloons.

Alfredo out.

Taking a dive attempt to learn blender

I got bored at lunch today and decided to go revisit learning blender. Last time I tried it was in blender 2.0 and honestly Got so stuck that never managed to get anything done. Seems like the new version got an ui revamp and all I gotta say is that I dig it.

I started by following the following tutorial After about an hour of work i had the following done.


Nothing fancy but a lot more than i had ever gotten so it got me pumped i kept doing the tutorial and ended up with the following image.


I tried to do a little animation and here it is for your enjoyment. Open it up its kinda funky.

Now to some useful information here are the list of commands that i learned from watching the series still need to learn how to extrude correctly

  • A – Select unselect all

  • S – scale

  • R – rotate

  • g- for grab translate

  • Tab to switch between object and edit view.

  • Shift D Duplicate

  • Numbers for view control

  • Scrollers zooms in an out shift scroll up and down viewport