Here We gO. Big Goal for the Month

About a year ago I had to create a game engine for the course GAM 465 and GAM475 at Depaul. It was a pretty interesting experience working with nuts and bolts of OpenGL. I did pretty well till the point that we loaded full models into it. We started doing animations of the skeletons and honestly I made my engine a bit of a mess.

For the next semester Fall Term I’m interested in doing an independent research in order to complete my courses and finally graduate. The plan at the moment is to implement a small declarative UI language on top of the engine I did for that class. I’m going to try and work on this every day this month and try to solve the following three problems:

  • Text management.
  • Basic Display elements Panels and buttons
  • Display video on top of a texture.

If I manage to get those 3 things done I will be in a position that adding the layer of declarative xml and starting to building components would be achievable during a term.

Right now this is the first screenshot of what my project currently looks like I  will be updating everyday with screenshots thru the month.


We have the ability to display multiple models apply different rendering modes and also use more than one camera. We got camera controls set. We also have a scene manager in place.

My Rendering loop looks like this:

  1. Clear Buffer using glClear
  2. Update For the current scene
  3. Draw for the current scene
  4. GlutPostRedisplay
  5. GlutSwapBuffers

Tomorrow I’m going to look into how to insert drawing 2d for the current active camera.

Thanks for reading and here we go.