Aussie Puncharoo is out

After a lot of toil and fun the game I have been creating with the talented Louis Lonsway is finally out is the story about and australian bloke and his quest to get a Pint of Beer. Like everyday in the outback he gets attacked by tons of wild animals.

The game started has part of ludum dare 20 and me wanting to learn how to build a platformer.

To be honest I made a very big mistake building this game which was to focus on building and engine and spent less time on the game. Right now the game supports a lot of scripted mechanics not all which made it into the game.

The game is now on the store which is awesome and I can see that the process from the windows developer dashboard has been very streamlined.

While I celebrate the victory of shipping I have already found the first list of improvements and bugs including a grave in which the game seems to be crashing to people with phones from the seven series. To the end of the development phase and the beginning of the support one.