Chromecast Review

This is not a programming post be warned. for my wedding i got a staples 100 dollars gift card and i thought i would use it to buy a ton of pictures printed. Then my xbox 360 account ran out of its subscription and i started thinking that the only reason i pay for the subscription is to use netflix.

Yesterday i went to staples and i had to get some outlet multi plugs while being there had about 50 dollars left on my gift card saw the chrome cast next to the register and did an impulse buy after all it was technically a gift.

Here are my thoughts on it so far.

The good
Integration with HULU and netflix is tight
Quality of items in the screen pretty nice
Setup is incredibly easy.
Casting browser tabs might be useful
Good range on the device

The bad
The electrical cable is too short
You have to leave your device on while casting
The flow after a movie end of making you have to go back to your app is kind of clunky
Loading takes more than loading just in your application.

Whats next
I want to try out the api see how good is the device for hacks.

Conclusion i think its a cheap and great one purpose device that seems to have a future for expansion via its api. Also it saved me from buying an xbox gold subscription.

Link to the product