Xaml DataBinding to current datacontext

My new job has me doing a ton of xaml i have a few interesting cases that i believe i should document before i forget how to do them.

First one was how do i Bind to the current Context after a few attempts couple of bings search got to this page and he had an answer for my problem.

Its pretty simple you just do {Binding} with nothing else in it.

Come next day to work realize that now i need a converter since we want different text to the one provided by the enum. To my surprise what i would expect {Binding, Converter={StaticResource myconverter}} would not work. So i started trying different possibilities made an explicit binding. Then Started thinking and decided well i’m just binding to my datacontext. So ended up with the following.

I feel like this is a case in which the xaml its really ambiguose and in future generations maybe the should create a keyword like context or what not to be able to change it.

Hope this helps.