Xna Resources collected over time

A list I’ve compiled over the years let me know if you got any more that are useful.

3d models


Free game 2d art for game developers and indies


Website to look for game inspiration:


Three hundred game designs


Tool used to pack the sprites together:


Free sprites


Shooter Game tutorial covers the basics


Map Editor


physics engine for Silverlight and XNA




A Platformer tutorial using farseer.


Ludum Dare 20

I will be commenting here about every two hours of the progress of the game that im going to create for the competition.


Hi Everyone. Im ready to hear the title anouncement grabbed dinner and ready to go. After the title i will think a bit what the game is going to look like and get started on the mechanics of it :D.

8:25 pm

Got the character animation running right now is just a stick figure that changes color and working on using the accelerometer for movement. At the moment having issues since i have never used the accelerometer before and he seems like he is not that much into cooperating. Will post back around 11 hopefully i can do some screenshots The game is about an australian guy fighting his way to the outback to go get to a bar.


Finally got the accelerometer controls down and it works in conjunction with the animation. Used the pattern to manage scene that I used in there is no place for gnomes.

Plan on adding the buttons to be able to kick, jump and change weapons now. a Screenshot of what is looking like so far is not much but it’s a good start.


12:01 AM

Moved to work on creating buttons got 3 of them and found optimal placement for the gameplay also went ahead and added gravity in to the game since at the moment I haven’t added a floor the character falls pretty easily through the floor. I have decided that the tile space for the level is going to be as follow. 30×30 tiles with 14 tiles of height and then 40 tiles of width.

Another screenshot below has you can see not too mucho to look at the moment. I’m trying to get the mechanics solid and figure out the spots that need animations and later on I will reskin. The character is not on the screenshot since he fell through the screen.


2:22 AM

I took a break to take a shower eat something and look at other people talking in the Ludum Dare MIRC. Is cool to see the different levels of motivations in the time that I worked I managed to complete the tile map. Planning on dedicating the next hour to making the player be aware of the tile map and add tile map scrolling so that we can see the parts that currently don’t show.

Here is the screenshot of the tile map in action.


I’m starting to wonder if I’m going to actually get to implement weapons and different monsters Right now I feel like i;’m behind.

3:43 AM

I think this is it for me for today I got some more progress now the collision system works therefore I can stand on the tiles got a bit distracted and decided to work on a background and changed a few colors tomorrow morning I will pick up making the tile map actually scroll to the sides and adding the jumping, Changing weapons and punching functionality.


Below is a description of what im trying to do with the game and to be with the theme the outback is dangerous to go alone so at the beginnning I’m going to have a conversation reminding him to take his hat he also gets a knife and a boomerang on the way.

Aussie Puncharoo

3rd person sidescroller

Each level basically consists of a map formatted to the phone screen’s dimensions with limited left to right sidescrolling abilities. the maps will be set on a level plane for the player to scroll from left to right. the player is centered on the screen at all times as enemies in the form of koalas, kangaroos, etc. attack from both sides. the player switches from left to right to attack depending on where an enemy is attacking from. ideally, the player’s basic movements will be walk, jump and punch (knife and throw boomerang in later stages).

I will see you guys tomorrow.

April 30

9:30 pm

I have resolved to keep working on the game after taking a power nap when I came back from my daily routine. I figured that i f I don’t sleep I still got a good 21 hours to finish the game and submit.

I will report in about 2 hours with progress and some screenshots. Going to get this character functioning completely. Wish me luck on day two and on serious sleep depravation.

11:14 pm

Currently the character no longer runs out of the screen and the screen tiles move in relationship to the character. It seems like my brain at this point is kind of shot and my productivity has dropped significantly. Therefore I’m going to take a bit of a break from coding and do some art. Going to draw a better main character since red head ball is annoying me and also design the health bar and the entrance window hopefully by the next update I will be able to jump and have a start screen.

C ya in about 2 hours.

1:08 Am I worked on the art for the last couple of hours and got to the conclusion that I need to take a break and drink some water which I will be doing after writing. I remade the main character , Game loading screen. Text for When the game starts and the life bar. I Need to integrate all this parts into the game still since only the character go integrated.


Below the other two pieces of art



I’m going to take a break and then return will post again at 4:00 am with hopefully the actions done.

For those that are going to sleep have a good night.

3:54 AM

Took my break and came back and started coding working on making the jumping work. Sadly it has proven a lot trickier than I expected and revealed a bug in my tile map code so my character is falling through a few blocks that I can’t really tell the reason why. I’m going to be working on resolving this issues for the next few hours Confused smile. Will check in about 7:00 AM.

4:43 AM

Woot managed to get the jumping and collisions bugs resolved. Therefore you get an extra update.

To summarize a bit condition super tired. Part of the game remaining quite a lot so this is the plan:

-Do HealthBar
-Score System
-Add Enemy and ensure he gives damage
-Give main character the ability to be able to switch side is looking
-Add PunchingAbility
-Add Random Health Items
-Polish and give the game flow so that I can post it for the competition

Therefore I think I’m going to be removing from my scope the following items. Changeable weapons and variable monsters.

At least now that I don’t feel stuck. The motivation is coming back and moving some of the sleepyness away.

Will post progress at 7:00 again.

12:38 AM

It seems like the lack of sleep decided that I was it’s the master here and I crashed at around 7:00 so my last update was missed. I woke up at around 9:45 But had to do some stuff pertaining living like eating at take 1000 pund of tiles back to home depot so here we are. At the moment I’ve added the enemy kangaroo with animation the Helath bar and score point system Just need to make the kangaroos spawn by themselves. At this point there are six hours left and 4 things to do in my list so if I can kick one per hour and submit I should be ok(I don’t think I’m making it but not stopping). Latest screen shot is below:


I will report back at around 4. Official time left in 6 hours, 16 minutes, 9 seconds…

4:06 Lets see what has gone in the last few hours from the list I had from last night I’ve tackled the following:

-Do HealthBar
-Score System
-Add Enemy and ensure he gives damage
-Give main character the ability to be able to switch side is looking
-Add PunchingAbility

Additionally added game over event and enemy destroyed event in which a dead kangaroo gets Removed. sadly I have not added any way for more kangaroos to be added. So I made a decision In order to get the game today.

The game is going to be just a fight between you and one kangaroo for now. Going to remove some tiles so that you is simpler to fight. Whoever gets the life to Zero wins.

Will post again at six. I still need to figure out exactly how to post an xna game into the Ludum dare form.


Decided to do an extra post I made the game be able to handle the flow of starting window , context , game and ending. Honestly it functions but is not a very fun game at the moment. Feel really bad that I did not get to do add weapons variety of animals or even spawning and control of the monsters but you do what you have to. Going to clean up an remove the scoreboard and Change weapons button. Then add music that I got from wolfram tones turned into mp3 by http://www.hamienet.com

That’s the progress talk to you guys at 6:00

time left 1 hour, 52 minutes, 47 seconds


I’ve spent the last 15 minutes trying to get the music to work. The game works the mechanics are still a bit quirky but you can kill a kangaroo.

It was a pretty awesome experience this whole ludum dare I’m going to submit and let people critique it.

Thanks for reading.

The applications background music overlaps the users selected music

To solve this issue this was the approach that I took. I added code in the constructor for the game to call the guide and ask a what music he wants. There is a boolean to control which sound is played.

if (askForMusic && !MediaPlayer.GameHasControl)
               if (!Guide.IsVisible)
                   Guide.BeginShowMessageBox(“Select Music Of Choice”, “Do you want to play the game music”,

                   new List<string> { “Yes”, “No” }, 0, MessageBoxIcon.Alert,

                   asyncResult =>

                       int? returned = Guide.EndShowMessageBox(asyncResult);
                       if (returned == 0)
                           playMusic = true;
                   }, null);
               askForMusic = false;

12 Hours of my life building a video game

Alright here goes my Story last saturday I took the challenge of building a video game in 12 hours started at 1:30 worked till 12:30 which was 11th hours but it was a ton of fun. Below are my email reports to my friends while this was going on. Btw this started with a conversation in  a bar like most things worth doing.

Note: Info on white is my reports to my friends
Info on blue is my thoughts narrated.
Red is the time for the next status


At 1:00 I was like I need to find out what I’m capable of doing in 12 hours lately i‘ve not been forcing myself at all. At 1:32 I’m going to use Expression Design and Xna let me start drawing and see what I want to make the game about. Hmm Gnomes sounds like a good idea.

Time 2:10

Like I said yesterday I’m going to try an attempt to make a game today so that I can feel a bit less useless in life. So far this is what I got:


Get Off My Lawn!


They are Gnomes in Your lawn you need to toss them out for points. Some of them give more points depending on their hat colors.

Building on C# for the windows 7 phone.

Time started:

1:37 PM


1:37 AM

What I got currently:

I drew the Gnome:


Next Task:

Make the loading screen And make the board

Next Report at 3:00

After sending the report is well I’m committed at this point if I don’t do it everyone is going to laugh at me what is the game going to be about hmm maybe whack a mole clone. I’m going to keep drawing so I can get a better idea.

Time 3:02

What Got Accomplished in the last Hour:

-Created the gnome as an asset

-Decided on the title used Cute blonde friend suggestion

-Created the starting screen

-All the art assets for the board.

P.S. this is the last msg with a ton of images.

The images are attached.

Next Task:

-Create Project In Visual Studio and follow a scene pattern to make the 3 scenes and load all the Assets

Next Report at 4:30

Seems like drawing took a ton of time I’m also going to need to get something to eat this kinda sucks I already sinked in 2:00 hours. I’m going to keep going and see where does it goes.

Time 4:33

What Got Accomplished in the last Hour:

-Created the scene pattern for the project

-Made Starting screen

-Got interrupted by the SLk test team

-Realized I need to make some library to handle the touch controls for my app

The images are attached.

Next Task:

-Working on the touch input library for the application and the actual game screen.


Next Report at 6:00

The progress in the last block off time was pretty incredible at this point im fully into this note I have still not gotten any food so I was starving but wanted to keep going and see if I was really finishing this.

Time 6:07

What Got Accomplished in the last Hour:

-Got the Game screen done(Looks kinda Icky I think im deleting the border

-Selected the music for the game

-Created library for swipes

Next Task:

-Working on classes to handle the apparition of gnomes in the scene.


Next Report at 8:00

I decided that it was worth paying 25 dollars and buy the music. Took a break from the coding which at this point I was sure that I could finish the game functional even if it would need a ton of polish and that became the goal something. Got a visit from a friend and I was explaining to him what I was doing an in my mind I was like he must think I’m crazy. But to myself I was thinking this is awesome I haven’t this into something in a long time.

Time 8:13

From: Sexy Redhead

Can I be the end boss?

Maybe  But you would need to draw Yourself

What Got Accomplished in the last two Hours:

-The gnomes dance now and got a score board

Next Task:

-Making so u can actually kick the gnomes off the lawn

-Adding dying animations.

-Figure out if I want to pay $25 for music or make my own.

Next Report at 10:00

I had a score system and you could loose but could not actually play I started feeling tired and wanted to go home got up for a bit and decided on some cookies and some milk after all I haven’t had any food so far.

Time 10:11

What Got Accomplished in the last two Hours:

-Got the end screen working

-Finished the Swipe controls

Next Task:

-Making so u can actually kick the gnomes off the lawn ( Got bugs in here)

-Adding dying animations. (This is sorta working)

-Figure out if I want to pay $25 for music or make my own. (I’m probably going to buy them)

Only missing the ability to play the game properly it felt like a monumental task at this point but it was the only thing missing also in my mind I was so undecided about the music this game was just me testing myself why would I spent some money on it ?

Next Report at 12:00

Time 12:13

What Got Accomplished in the last two Hours:

– Finished the Gameplay WOOT Everything works

– Bought the music

Next Task:

-Missing adding the music and the gnome screaming sound when they die.

-Eta to finish 30 mins 😀

Next Report When I’m Done with screenshots 😀

Bought the music from soundrangers.com It feels like done I tweaked the little things like the music and decided to make a video to show it out also a reddit post. So late and I just want to go home.

Time 12:44

It’s done The game works

Attached is the video in case anyone is interested in seeing it


Woot Heading home.

Completed the mission. Decide to do a video so the gameplay could be seen that took me 30 more mins but I was done and immense sense of satisafction while I headed to the car Open-mouthed smile